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Nice Buns, The Cornhill Market, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3BY

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What better way to celebrate a special occassion than with cupcakes! My delicious cupcakes are made from the finest ingredients and delightfully finished by hand with a variety of enticing sprinkles and frostings. I only use carefully selected ingredients and as a result my cupcakes taste as good as they look. The cupcake has always been a favourite and by combining the freshest ingredients with some tender care and creative inspiration, I can offer a range of cupcake flavours with different toppings for all occasions.

I have two price scales, depending upon whether you pop along and buy them from my shop in the Market, or place an advance special order for something truly bespoke. Prices for the market are £1.50/cupcake, box of four £5.50, box of six cupcakes £8.00, Find out what cakes I have available by following me on Twitter or liking my Facebook page which I update on a weekly basis.


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